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  • BBC news feature of the Charter Oak of Bexley and how Apex Soil Solutions have helped revive it with our Geo Injection system.

    Apex Soil Solutions was featured on the BBC news in a feature about the health of UK trees. We were seen on camera injecting around the tree root area to improve the nutritional and structural quality of the soil.

    The feature was regarding the Charter Oak in Bexly that we injected 9 months ago that has now flourished because of our injection system which has become widely acknowledged as the foremost solution.

    The Charter Oak is about 200 years old and was nominated for Great Tree Status. But in recent years had been showing a lack of leafs and vitality.

    London Borough of Bexley Tree and Woodland Officer Philip Louis called on Apex Soil Solution and Carbon Gold to prolong the life of this historic tree. Apex are the only UK distributor of Vogt GeoTech equipment, which allows us to inject granular material deeper into the ground then other equipment.

    Carbon Gold are leading suppliers of enriched biochar, a horticultural form of charcoal used to improve soil nutrition and growing conditions.

    The results of this combination have been proven as we have been reviving trees and decompacting soil with great success.

    The Charter Oak in the news feature has shown to respond very well, its leaf index has improved, the canopy has improved and the tree shows visible signs of overall improvement.