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  • In the industry compaction on greens has always been a problem and there have been many machines and technologies developed over the years to try and combat this. Using compressed air is not a new idea but the Apex GeoInjector allows maximum aeration and decompaction with minimal disruption. We don't just scratch the surface, the solution is deeper than that! 

    The process is completed in one motion with just a single probe. We penetrate the soil beyond the root zone to a depth of one metre and then inject 100psi of high pressured, compressed air into the ground. Whilst the probe is inserted into the ground, a natural underground void is created and then back filled with Terramol to the surface, creating a permanent drainage soakaway.

    Terramol is a harmless organic natural clay based product that gives soil a loose structure allowing air and moisture into the root system, whilst helping to maintain moisture. 

    The process is completed with minimal disruption to the greens surface and in most cases can be played on, on completion of the injection. An “average” size green of approximately 300 m2 takes us as little as five hours to complete. Decompaction without disruption. Aeration without aggravation!