Soil Injection

Before and After Soil injection 

How do we did it?

We use these machines, the revolutionary Vogt Geo Injector  

VOGT Geo Injector pro 
The powerful professional device for soil aeration and injection technology


Firstly, we drill down into the soil approximately 95cm.

We then inject high pressure air at 7bar (100psi), this de-compacts the soil and creates voids and cracks


We then inject a soil improver into the voids, this fills the voids with material that degrade over centuries. This creates mini soak-a-ways in the ground increase the water retaining volume. 


Water falling on the gound now flows into the voids moving the water away from the surface and deep into the soil, increasing the natural drainage volume


The soil improver allows are to flow in and out of the voids allowing for a constant aeration which assists in the growth of plants.


An example where we apply

On average we inject 1kg of Soil Improver per 1m2 of ground.

Each injection point connects to the next, creating mini soakaways allowing drainage and aeration across the complete area injected.


Watch the timelapse video bellow