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In the golf industry

Using the Vogt Geo injector we can overcome standing water and waterlogged gardens. We do this by decompacting the soil, adding aeration, mini soakaways and drainage.

Compaction on greens / fairways have always been a problem and there have been many machines and technologies developed over the years to combat this. Using compressed air is not a new idea but the Apex GeoInjector allows maximum aeration and decompaction with minimal disruption. We don't just scratch the surface, the solution is deeper then that!


  • Decompaction depth of 1m, upto 2m is possible

  • No more sitting water on your greens

  • No invasive surface works required

  • Reduced stress on effected green areas

  • Green closure only while we carry out the works

  • Quick and cost effective process

  • All organic materials used

  • Added advantages of injection soil turf improvers

  • Improved gas exchange assists plant growth

1. Soil Decompaction

Firstly, we drill down into the soil approximately 1m. We then inject high pressure air at 7bar (100psi), this de-compacts the soil and creates voids

2. Injection of enriched biochar

We then inject Enriched Biochar into the voids, this further de-compacts but fills the voids with material that does not degrade allowing air and water to pass easily through the compacted layer.

3. Improved Water Drainage

Water falling on the ground now flows into the voids, as Biochar is honeycomb shaped it allows water to drain faster removing it from the surface.

4. Improved Aeration

Plants require soil with good aeration. After Decompaction using the Vogt Geo Injector it allows air to circulate freely around plant roots. Add sunlight and water to create a healthy garden.

An Example of where we apply

Compaction on the golf course is a common problem that can be relieved with aeration. The main reason for this is that golf is played 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions. Wet soil exacerbates compaction problems.

Due to the nature of soil particles (texture), a clay-based soil is generally more prone to compaction than a sandy soil. Compaction of the soil will occur throughout the season if regular aeration work is not performed. Consequently, the large pores within the soil structure (which influence the movement of water through the soil) will be reduced or lost. If water cannot move through the soil, water logging of the surface will occur during rainfall.

Other growth factors will also be affected such as beneficial bacterial activity, available oxygen and the uptake of nutrients. In this situation the grass coverage will deteriorate quickly. Using the Vogt Geo injector we can overcome all the problem above, decompacting the soil, adding aeration, mini soakaways and drainage. This is normally completed in just one application.

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