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Water logged Gardens

Learn how we can cure a water logged garden

Most standing water in gardens is caused by compacted soil.

This is due to its reduced ability to absorb and drain water. When soil becomes compacted, its particles are pressed closer together, resulting in reduced pore space between them. This compacted soil cannot absorb water as quickly as loose or well-aerated soil. As a result, when it rains or irrigation is applied, the water tends to accumulate on the surface rather than being absorbed into the soil.

Compacted soil also restricts the movement of water through its layers. Water may pool on the surface because it cannot penetrate the compacted soil layers and reach deeper levels. This can lead to the formation of puddles or standing water in low-lying areas or areas with poor drainage.

Additionally, compacted soil may have a hard or impermeable layer near the surface, such as a compacted clay layer or a layer of compacted construction fill. This layer acts as a barrier, preventing water from percolating down into the soil profile. As a result, water accumulates on the surface, leading to the formation of standing water.

Addressing soil compaction and injecting a soil improver, using the revolutionary Vogt Geo Injector, can help improve the soil's ability to absorb and drain water, reducing the occurrence of standing water and allowing grass, plants and trees to grow.

how does the geo injector work

1. Soil Decompaction

Firstly, we drill down into the soil approximately 1m. We then inject high pressure air at 7bar (100psi), this de-compacts the soil and creates voids

2. Injection of enriched biochar

We then inject Enriched Biochar into the voids, this further de-compacts but fills the voids with material that does not degrade allowing air and water to pass easily through the compacted layer.

3. Improved Water Drainage

Water falling on the ground now flows into the voids, as Biochar is honeycomb shaped it allows water to drain faster removing it from the surface.

4. Improved Aeration

Plants require soil with good aeration. After Decompaction using the Vogt Geo Injector it allows air to circulate freely around plant roots. Add sunlight and water to create a healthy garden.
When injecting air you can clearly see this breaking the surface in the form of bubbles. This is decompacting the soil allowing water to penetrate and therefore drain away
When injecting soil improver you can clearly see the areas in which the Geo Injector reaches from 1m below the surface. This creates permanent drainage

A typical area we would inject


Easy To Use

The Vogt Geo Injector is a non invasive way to decompact soil, you can use your garden immediately after treatment. All we leave behind are injection holes filled with Biochar.

Improved Drainage

Decompacting the soil with the Vogt Geo injector creates cracks, crevices and voids allowing water to penetrate the soil more easily. These are filled with Biochar which keeps the channels open improving drainage and reducing the risk of waterlogging

Increased Nutrient Availability

Compacted soil often has poor nutrient availability as it restricts the movement of nutrients through the soil profile. Decompacting the soil improves nutrient availability but allowing nutrients to move more easily through the Soil Profile

Enhanced Root Growth

Decompacted soil provides a better environment for root growth. After decompaction roots can grow more freely and develop a stronger healthier root system.

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