Tree Injection

Before and After BioChar injection 

How we do this?

We use this machine, the revolutionary Vogt Geo Injector

VOGT Geo Injector pro 
The powerful professional device for soil aeration and injection technology


Soil decompaction

Firstly, we drill down into the soil approximately 65cm.

We then inject high pressure air at 7bar (100psi), this de-compacts the soil and creates voids

Injection of enriched biochar

We then inject Enriched Biochar into the voids, this further de-compacts but fills the voids with material that does not degrade allowing air and water to pass easily to the root ball of the tree.

Improved Water Retention

Water falling on the gound now flows into the voids, as Biochar is honeycomb shaped it absorbs the water. Holding it for when  the tree needs it.

Improved Aeration

Trees require a soil with good aeration after Soil Decompaction this allows air to circulate freely around the root ball.

Add sunlight and water to create a healthy tree

An example where we apply

On average we inject 1kg of Enriched Biochar blend per 1m2 of ground.

Each injection point connects to the next, creating mini soakaways allowing drainage and aeration across the complete area injected.

As seen on the 

The London Borough of Bexley’s Tree and Nature Conservation team called upon Apex Soil Solutions;


to bring back to good health the Bexley Charter oak.

Despite having a root protection zone erected, having mulch applied every year and even air-spading in the past, the Charter Oak was showing diminishing vitality and a reduced leaf area index. 

Apex used their cutting edge Geo-Injector to drill down to 1.2m deep all around the tree base. Apex was able to decompact the soil and create pockets to be backfilled simultaneously with enriched biochar that completely encompassed the root zone.


The oak transformed to full health within 12 months.