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  • Tree Injection

  • The injection process is very similar for greens and trees, however we fill the cavities with organic fertilisers, such as enriched Biochar to improve tree performance and stimulate root growth.

    The process is completed in one motion with just a single probe. We penetrate the soil beyond the root zone to a depth of one metre and then inject 100psi of high pressured, compressed air into the ground. Whilst the probe is inserted into the ground, a natural underground void is created and then filled with precise nutrients.

    Expected results from one treatment program:

    • Soil Decompaction and Aeration
    • Reduction of soil compaction
    • Proven to be the most effective method of successfully combating many pests and diseases 
    • Stimulation of root growth through the improvement of soil structure and aeration
    • Draining of waterlogged soils to reactivate natural biological processes in the soil injection of Granual Material
    • Reduces the likelihood of re compaction after treatments
    • Increases soil moisture retention with water retaining granules
    • Enhances soil nutrient through precise fertilisation
    • Mitigating salt stress with specialised granular materials
    • Improves plant performance with organic bio stimulates and Biochar inoculation