Water Logged Gardens

Most standing water in gardens is caused by compacted soil.

Soil compaction usually happens due to a lack of water in a soil, an applied stress or due to persistant foot fall.

Affected soils become less able to absorb rainfall, thus increasing runoff and erosion.

Plants have difficulty in compacted soil because the mineral grains are pressed together, leaving little space for air and water, which are essential for root growth.

Worms and essential wildlife also find it a hostile environment, because the denser soil is more difficult to penetrate.

Using the Vogt Geo injector we can overcome standing water and waterlogged gardens.

We do this by decompacting the soil, adding aeration, mini soakaways and drainage. 

When injecting air you can clearly see this breaking the surface in the form of bubbles. This is decompacting the soil allowing water to penetrate and therefore drain away

When injecting soil improver you can clearly see the areas in which the Geo Injector reaches from 1m below the surface.

This creates permanent drainage

A typical area we would inject

We work with all the UK soil types:


 • Clay

 • Chalk

 • Sand

 • Silt

 • Peat


Pathway Standing Water - cured using the Vogt Geo Injector